The Technology Audit Bookmarklet

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Works well on Google Chrome and Safari for desktop, may work in other browsers.

  1. Ensure the bookmark/favourites bar is showing (⇧⌘B / ⇧^B for Chrome and Safari)
  2. Drag the following link to the bookmarks bar:
    Technology Audit


Assumes you're using iOS and Safari. Steps might differ for other platforms.

  1. Select and copy all of the code in the textbox below (Tap it and choose "Select All", then "Copy")
  2. Bookmark this page (Using the "Share" button on the bottom bar)
  3. Open the bookmark manager (Using the book icon on the bottom bar)
  4. Tap "Edit" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap the bookmark you just created
  6. Tap the second text area, then tap the "x" button which appears
  7. Paste the contents of your clipboard
  8. Tap "Done"

To use it on a page, simply open your bookmarks and tap "Technology Audit".