Melbourne Breakfast Black Tea A warm and sweet brew with depth of character. Full, orthodox keemun leaves with a scattering of golden yunnan and assam tips produce a rich infusion with delicious vanilla and honey notes. Full-bodied and smooth, a hint of briskness cleans up a sweet vanilla finish. Versatile, refreshing and appealing, this is a morning staple that keeps telling a different story on each new day. Black or with a splash of milk. Can take sugar or a drizzle of honey if desired.
Perth Breakfast Black Tea A morning pow-wow from the west, Perth Breakfast is a vibrant tea that delivers a perky punch in every cup. An unmistakable mix of bergamot and vanilla creates a smooth and refined aroma that is both fragrant and sweet. A blend of Sri Lankan black teas creates soft, velvety tannins that are melodious on the palate, and stimulating to the senses. Earl Grey lovers will enjoy this sweet twist on the classic. A wonderful sunny west-coast way to start every morning. Milk is optional with this tea, but to really appreciate the beautiful fragrance enjoy this one black.
Irish Breakfast Black Tea T2's Irish Breakfast tea uses a blend of Sri Lankan orthodox broken leaves to produce a highly-balanced, deep, rich brew. Its' coppery red liquor has an engagingly frank personality with a little flirty sweetness. A full-bodied and malty flavour that stands up to even the biggest fry-up complete with black pudding. A great morning blend that is less bitey than English Breakfast but with a bigger body and more heart. Loves milk and a dash of sugar to soften its edge.
Arctic Fire Black Tea A fruity and spicy blend that is mysterious and ethereal. Cornflower blossoms combine with black tea to produce a floral infusion with gorgeous apricot and peach flavours and a grapefruit bite. A light to medium-bodied brew that wakes up winter and is stunning in summer when iced. Black.
Chocolate Black Tea A classic Keemun base with cocoa bean chunks scattered throughout brews a delicious bittersweet treat. A subtle cocoa flavour sings over the tea, providing a discerning sweetness and a warm, nutty finish. Wonderfully warming in winter. Black or white, with or without sugar, or with a drizzle honey for a treat.
Monk Pear Black Tea Big, bold and sweet, yet surprisingly humble, a black tea blend with sweet jasmine blossoms, classic bergamot and crisp pear flavours. Pear is there from the outset, but the floral bergamot finish lingers for lovely effect. An almost full-bodied, heavier fruity black that takes a traditional Earl Grey and gives it a fabulously fruity twist. Best black, can take sugar if desired.
Crème Brûlée Black Tea A silky, decadent sweet treat. Velvety vanilla plays with caramelised hazelnuts in a gorgeously golden brew. An intense aroma enhances a refined and delicate infusion. Creamy and dreamy, this buttery caramel delight sings the song of after-dinner contentment. With or without milk, a little drizzle of honey is heaven.
Special B Black Tea This tea no longer exists. Drink with care. Who knows. Don't waste any though.
French Earl Grey Black Tea Earl Grey gets a French twist which is oh-so-fruity. A medium-bodied black tea base with pretty petals and slivers of fruit that play with classic bergamot in an inspiring, bold and refined infusion. With hints of peaches, apricots and zesty citrus, a field of sunflowers, rose, cornflower and hibiscus perform a delicious dance. Classy with a touch of french briskness, this is full of good taste. Best served black, or with a sprinkle of sugar if desired.
Buddha's Tears Green Tea One of our most famous and highly-prized teas, Buddha's Tears provides contemplation of the divine. Made from a series of unopened tender white pekoe buds and young leaves hand-rolled into a sphere. Each tear gracefully unfurls and dances in the water, gradually releasing a sublime and refined flavour. A delicate and beautifully light infusion, flavour builds upon each sip, filling the mouth with an ethereal jasmine aroma. A meditation on heavenly art and a sensory treat to savour. As is, with tears in the cup.
Afternoon Tea Black Tea A full-bodied blend of broken leaves and orthodox tea. A strong and bold brew with a rich, coppery liquor. Wonderfully herbaceous, with long-lasting flavour filled with subtle hints of dried raisins. Brisk, perky tannins and a slightly sharp finish makes this tea a perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day. With milk and a touch of sugar if desired.
Snow Dragon Jasmine Green Tea Harvested from high Yunnan mountain plantations surrounded by pine forests, the legendary Chinese dragon is immortalised in this tea. Each exquisite bud has been selected for its bright white colour and has been twisted and twirled to symbolise the swirling nature of the dragon. A clear infusion produces a delicate and refined brew and allows the jasmine flavour and aroma to blossom over a clean, light green tea finish. A visual celebration of mystical power. As is. Serve with buds brewed directly in cup.

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